The life of Florian Blümmel, the triple German champion, European champion and double vice world champion in artistic cycling, who was born in Speyer (Germany) , tells the story of an athlete who made it onto the world’s stages. 


Florian was not born as a professional artist. After leaving school he completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter and as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant.


But already  as a young boy at the age of 6 he was fascinated by artistic cycling  and started to practice. Later on, younger brother Felix , he still has always found time to practice for several hours every day and for learning new tricks all the time. Both were completely addicted.


As time passed,  Florian rose quickly to the top of his sport, qualifying for all the major competitions . Together with his brother he achieved many national and international sporting successes and awards over the years.  For 9 years he was also a member of the German national team.


After many years and great success in sports, 2013 he felt that his vocation was to perform on stage, where he could touch and thrill people with his act as a professional cycle artist. At the beginning together with his brother as  »Felix and Flow«.


Later, as a solo artist, he made the big hit with the tour "Circus 1903", where he appeared in the world's most famous theaters such as the "Opera House" in Sydney and "Madison Square Garden" in New York or even   "Paris "in Las Vegas.

Aswell the world famous Cirque du Soleil became aware of Florian Blümmel. For the latest Creation "BAZZAR" he was chosen to explore new markets.

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Since then he has performed around the world with circuses, prestigious German Varietés, cruise ships, events, theaters and concerts. In addition to performing, he competed successfully in different festivals and  won multiple artistic awards . For example at the famous circus festival  »Le Festival Mondial du Cirque deDemain« in Paris (France)  he won the Chinese  Association Trophee. And in 2016 he was the winner of the »Harzer Show Kristall« in Germany. He also appeared on TV shows such as Germany’s Got Talent (»Deutschland sucht das Supertalent«). 


1985                Florian Blümmel ist in Speyer (Germany) geboren            

1991 - 2002        Schullaufbahn

2002 - 2005        Ausbildung zum Zimmermann (inkl. Abschluss)

2005 - 2009        Ausbildung zum Groß- und Außenhandelskaufmann (inkl. Abschluss)

2009 - 2013        Angestellt als Ein- und Verkäufer für Raab Karcher 

since 2013        Selbstständig als Professioneller Fahrradartist


1991                            Start of career as an active artistic cyclist (professional artistic cycling career until end of 2012)

1998, 2002, 2008, 2010, 2011        Vice German Champion  

1999, 2003, 2009                German Champion          

2009                            German Master Winner (World's most powerful series of competitive sport in artistic cycling)

2009                            UCI World Ranking Winner        

2003                            European Champion        

2009, 2010                    Vice World Champion      

2002, 2003, 2006 - 2012            Member of the German National Team   


2014            International Kleinkunstfestival Usedom, Award winner

2015            Paris (France), Le Festival Mondial du "Cirque de Demain", 

            Award: Chinese Acrobats Association Trophee

2016            Winner of the "Harzer Show Kristall 2016" (Germany)


Ab 2013        Verschiedene Nationale und internationale galas, events, trade shows, conventions, corporate events, 

            TV (German Television), festivals, Hotel Resorts and shows aboard cruise ships, ...etc.,

            but mainly long term performances for theatres, variety shows, touring shows,

            show productions, circus and many other venues. A few examples:

2008         Hong Kong (Shoppingcenter within the context of Olympics) 

2013-2015    GOP Varieté Theater (Bremen, Essen, Bad Oeynhausen, München, Münster, Hannover) 

            Show: "Back to Base"

2013            Novia Scotia Tattoo 

2014            Gala Ritter Sport (Stuttgart / Germany)

2015            TV Show: "Deutschland sucht das Supertalent", RTL ("German's Got Talent")

2015 - 2016     GOP Varieté Theater (Bad Oeynhausen, München) Show: "Stardust“

2015            Circus Festival Paris (France), "Cirque de Demain", Award: China Acrobatic Award

2015            MAC Festival Barcelona, Spain

2015            Bamberg Zaubert

2016            Robinson Club (Schlanitzen Alm + Amade)    

2016            Schmidt Theater, Mitternachtsshow(Hamburg, Germany)

2016            Magic Circus of Samoa (Mauritius)

2016            Festival, Harzer Show Kristall, Winner

2016            England (UK, Great Britain) Touring Show (TAG Company London)

2016-2018    »Circus 1903 - The Golden Age of Circus«. - Touring with this extraordinary show 

            extravaganza Australia (including the famous Sydney Opera House, Canberra and  Melbourne                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   and North America (incl. Pantages Theater Hollywood / Los Angeles, Theater      

                         Madison Square Garden/New York, Paris Theatre/Las Vegas… etc.),Singapore (MasterCard Theatre)

2017            TV Show: “SAG DIE WAHRHEIT”, SWR (Germany)

2018            Member of Cirque du Soleil Show „ BAZZAR        

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